March Membership Update

March 26, 2016

The dinner cruise that was to be held in February has now been rescheduled: The Wantagh Bay Yacht Club 25th anniversary dinner cruise will take place on Saturday, October 1st. Cost will be the same and we hope all members and guests will attend this special night! We will send out a flyer for this.

Added to many of events this year will be a Fleet trip to Newport Marina in Jersey City, NJ. Ed Beyer has researched this and conferred with Fleet Capt Kevin Madden and myself and then discussed this with the Bridge and Board and we feel this is doable for possibly the 3rd week of July for 3 day trip (or longer if you wish) More details to follow.

The work has increased on the building. That's a good sign!

A Message From Our Commodore

May 15, 2016


Well, Here we go! The website is up and running! I have to start by thanking fellow member Kevin Coveney for all his dedication and hours spent making this page up and running. There will be baby steps with this as we move forward but the end result will make our information better to understand and communicate within the club. Thanks again Kevin!

So, our excitement continues with a new boating season and our annual Blessing of the Fleet and Memorial Day party. Unfortunately, we will not have a building again to host this year but looking at the progress being done on our new building we can assume we will be there next May. The Lighthouse is all ready to be lit at night. That should be a nice welcome back into the marina. Hopefully, the weather will be great and everyone will enjoy themselves. We have a lot of activities planned for our club throughout the summer. Please check the calendar as the events will have the info and times etc. Hoping you all have a wonderful and safe boating season!


Happy New Year 2019!

January 15, 2019

Welcome Aboard!

Its hard to believe that the holdays are already behind us and that the New Year is already here. While it is only getting colder out there this is the time that boating season really starts to warm up.

Warm up you ask? Yes, January traditionally greets us with Boat Show season that start to wet appetites and get us looking forward to our toys that we put to sleep just a couple of months ago now. It is also the time when we put last boating season behind us and start planning the upcoming season.

This is the time our thoughts start to wander to visions of warmer days and how we plan on making this year our best boating season yet. Well, in just the same way our club starts to layout our trips and activities for the upcoming season and now is the time to get involved.

We are planning a lot of activities for our club throughout this upcoming year and this takes alot of help. So, while we are hopefully adding some new activities and expanding on some of tried and true one I am personally asking you to get involved - you will be happy you did. The best way to ensure all this is to get involved and spend some time with your friends.

So, let me wish you a quick, warm winter, and before no time we will all be back at our homes in the Marina.